DIY Rock Tumbler Tutorial

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Taking the time to polish rocks and small pieces of metal by hand is not always practical. You have the option to do this using a machine. However, buying a machine for this purpose can often be costly. If a machine is desired, then an ideal option is to make your own DIY rock tumbler. This is a device that can easily make any small rocks round and shiny.

There are many components for a DIY rock tumbler that are needed. Most are electronic parts that will be used to turn the drum or tumbler. You will need a hard material for the drum of the tumbler as the rocks will easily damage plastic or other less durable material. The best option is to use a cast iron drain pipe or similar material. Finding a cast iron drain pipe for your DIY rock tumbler may require a bit of effort.

The electrical components can be taken from old computer peripherals. You will need to determine the best way to connect the electrical parts together. Your DIY tumbler also needs a sturdy frame can hold the drum in place. This is something that can easily be made from wood. Metal rods will also be needed.

One thing that will be necessary is the power supply for the motor unit. This may be something you might find online. Assembly is important as you do not want the drum to wobble. This is one aspect of a DIY rock tumbler that is essential to get correct.

There are many options available for finding parts to make a DIY rock tumbler. You may already have some of the necessary parts. If not, then you can go to a local thrift store or shop online to find a variety of electrical parts and pieces that you need to complete the project.

Instructions to make your own DIY rock tumbler are found on here…

DIY Rock Tumbler Tutorial

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