DIY Reverse Boiled Eggs

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Photo by: Yama Chaahan

The process to make a regular hard boiled egg is not complicated and only requires a bit of water and a stove. However, you may be surprised to know you can also make reverse boiled eggs. You will still be required to boil the eggs, but the yolk and egg white is reversed. This will require you to follow a set of steps to achieve this result.

A few materials will be needed to make reverse boiled eggs. You will need to have a roll of tape and an individual stocking. Make sure you have scotch tape or similar brand. The tape is needed to ensure you do not destroy any eggs when you are working on making reverse boiled eggs.

Spinning the eggs in the stocking is necessary to reverse the yolk and egg whites. You need to insert an egg in the middle of the stocking and then make a knot in the stocking. Grab each side of your stocking and begin spinning the egg. This will need to be done for at least five minutes. If you break or crack an egg, then you need to start the process to make reverse boiled eggs all over.

Once you are satisfied you have spun your eggs long enough, then you can begin the process to boil all your eggs. Boiling reverse boiled eggs is just like regular hard boiled eggs. However, you can add a bit of baking soda to the water when it is boiling as this will help the egg shell come off easier.

The one thing that might be difficult when making reverse boiled eggs is removing the scotch tape that is covering all your eggs. Once your eggs have cooled and you have taken off all the tape, then you can then start removing the shells. It’s a fun trick and great for entertaining guests.

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