DIY Remote Controlled Window Lifter

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The cost to have something that is built completely custom and is unique may be expensive depending on the materials and the work that is involved. Many DIY projects typically done around the home are to have something updated or remodeled. You can also do interesting projects to perform a basic function by using various items in your home. One option is to make your own remote controlled window lifter.

This type of remote controlled window lifter will actually have a long cord, but you can use it to easily open and close a double-hung window. A double-hung window is important as the window needs to slide up and down for your remote controlled window lifter to work properly.

The materials necessary for this project can come from different sources. You will need to have a cordless drill and a few parts from a skateboard. If you do not have a power drill, then the best thing to do is look for a used one at a second hand store. A power drill for this remote controlled window lifter might also be found at a local garage sale or at a yard sale.

Your remote controlled window lifter can be set up in many different ways. The best thing about any DIY project is you can modify the design to fit your needs. This means you can apply different materials for a customized look or result. You have the choice of changes you may or may not want to make.

One important aspect about this project is properly mounting the remote controlled window lifer. This is a task that will require a attaching a bracket. If the motor unit is not secure, then the lifter will not function as expected. You may even have the potential to cause damage that may need to be repaired.

Instructions to make your own remote controlled window lifter are found on here.

DIY Remote Controlled Window Lifter

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