DIY Raised Bed With Benches

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Do you like the idea of using a raised garden bed, but need an easier way to tend to your plants? If you enjoy DIY projects, then a great option is to make a raised bed with benches. This is a basic garden bed with built in benches to use for small tools or for sitting.

Preparation of the ground is necessary when you are building a raised bed with benches. Your bed is a box without a floor that can be placed anywhere in your yard. Treated lumber is the best option as the wood will not rot. You can also use cedar.

The design of a raised bed with benches depends on any modifications that are needed. You can add any extras to your garden bed if you have a brilliant idea. A saw is needed to cut the wood that you will secure with nails or by using screws.

Instructions to make your own raised bed with benches are on here…

DIY Raised Bed With Benches

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