DIY PVC Wet Boots Dryer

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Working outside on a rainy day, often means the clothes you wear will be wet. You can easily wash and dry clothes at home, but a pair of boots is another story. One option is to place them near a heat vent or other source of dry air. However, a PVC wet boots dryer may come in handy in warmer weather or when you need to dry shoes more quickly.

A few basic supplies are all that you need to make your own PVC wet boots dryer to use when at home. The key to this project is directing heat to specific areas of your boots so they dry faster. A simple blow dryer that is used for your hair is the source of the heat.

The best thing about a DIY PVC wet boots dryer is you can configure it any way you want. You have a variety of ways to use the device. One pair or two pairs of boots can be dried at once.

Instructions to make your own PVC wet boots dryer are on here…

DIY PVC Wet Boots Dryer

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