DIY Pumpkin Mask

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Pumpkin masks are great for facial skin care. Pumpkin is rich in important essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy and radiant skin. It is rich in vitamin A, which soothes and softens the skin, and vitamin C, an antioxidant that can help to remedy damage produced by free radicals.

Pumpkin helps remove old surface skin cells and promotes new cell production. It also contains natural enzymes that help to dissolve dry skin cells, thus leaving the skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Pumpkin contains the acne fighting vitamins E and T (known as torulitine), which helps fight inflammation and control excess oil so to prevent breakouts.

If you are in need of a little facial skin care improvement, then check out Jenni Rain Cloud’s recipe featured on Primally Inspired. There is a great tip at the end of the article explaining how to store your pumpkin mask for up to 3 months.

Click Here For A DIY Pumpkin Mask

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