DIY Portable Camping PVC Pipe Evaporative Air Conditioner

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Camping during the summer without access to air conditioning can be brutal if the temperatures are too hot. A simple solution that can be used in a tent or in an RV is an evaporative air conditioner that is built as a DIY project. This is something you can easily build if you have the all parts and pieces to get started.

The key to building an evaporative air conditioner is using water. The water will be dispersed in the air to help cool the inside of your RV or tent. You will need to first assemble the parts used for the frame of the unit. Most of the necessary parts to build an evaporative air conditioner can easily be found at local home improvement stores in your area, but you may also need to look online.

You will be using PVC piping to build the frame for your evaporative air conditioner. No glue or adhesive is needed when assembling the parts for the frame. The water for the unit will be added to a plastic tub that contains the frame of the air conditioner.

The part of the unit that contains the water that is being dispersed is a polyester cooling pad that can be found on Amazon or perhaps at your local home improvement center. You will use a fan to circulate the cooled air from your unit. The fan can be any box style that is connected to an inverter that is connected to a battery. Once you have all the parts assembled, then you are ready to put your evaporative air conditioner to use.

A few tools will be necessary to build an evaporative air conditioner. This will include a hacksaw and power drill. There are also other tools that will be needed to connect the electronic components. Once your evaporative air conditioner is complete you’ll nee to make sure there is always sufficient water in the plastic tub or you may damage the electronics.

Instructions to build your own evaporative air conditioner are found on here…

DIY Portable Camping PVC Pipe Evaporative Air Conditioner

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