DIY Portable Bucket Air Conditioner

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Do you have a five-gallon bucket and a small desk fan? These two things can be used to make a simple and portable bucket air conditioner. The fan is the source of the air that makes the air conditioner work when you need to cool off on a hot summer day.

A few basic supplies are all you need to make a portable bucket air conditioner. You will also require a power drill and a few attachments to complete this task. One thing to keep in mind is the fan may need an extension cord to reach a nearby power outlet.

Ice or a frozen gallon milk jug can be used as the coolant for your portable bucket air conditioner. The ice will be easy to replace when the air conditioner needs to be recharged. You can complete this project in one hour or so if you want a quick way to keep cool.

Instructions to make your own portable bucket air conditioner are on here…

DIY Portable Bucket Air Conditioner

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