DIY Platform Bed With A Roll Out Dog Bed

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One of the projects we really love in our family is making DIY furniture. It’s such an exciting and rewarding thing to do. We really appreciate the furniture items that we make ourselves much more than stuff we bought from a furniture store. Not to mention that saving all that money is plenty of fun, too! One day, we decided to calculate the approximate amount we may have saved by making so many furniture items (and other household items), and it actually totaled into the thousands over the years.

So, when it came time to replace some of our bedroom furniture (especially our old, creaky, outdated bed), we decided that we would like to try a platform bed. Having made that decision, we were thrilled to find instructions online that could guide us through the process of making a DIY platform bed. The best part of this platform bed plan is that it also has a doggy trundle bed included. We knew our yellow lab, Emma, would just love that!

We were pleased to find out that there aren’t that many items needed for this platform bed project. The bed itself only requires some plywood, a small sheet of medium weight fiberboard (or MDF), some two by fours, one can of poly and one can of stain. The doggy trundle bed requires 3/4″ MDF, some two by twos, and some plastic wood.

The website we discovered for this amazing project includes detailed instructions for the platform bed that are quite easy to follow and the website even has an instructional video to make everything even easier. It also has some pictures that show the progress of the project plus a really cute picture of a really big dog that clearly loves the doggy trundle bed almost as much as Emma loves hers!

You can find the step-by-step instructions and the how-to video at here…

DIY Platform Bed With A Roll Out Dog Bed

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