DIY Pirate Hideout Treehouse

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Young kids often like to play outside an imagine themselves in a different place. If you have a tree which is big enough, then building a tree house may be an ideal solution. There are many themes to use to build a simple or fully customized treehouse. One idea is a pirate hideout treehouse that can have a lot of unique features.

You will need to determine the best way to build a pirate hideout treehouse. This includes choosing the best tree for this purpose. A treehouse will need to include a few important elements. One is a ladder to access the structure from the ground.

The design for a pirate hideout treehouse will need to be thought out before starting the project. This is necessary as you will need to obtain the tools and materials that are needed. You need a platform that is essentially the floor for the treehouse. A frame will also need to be built for your structure. The structure built for a pirate hideout treehouse also can have a trap door, windows, and other pirate-themed features.

One important aspect about building a pirate hideout treehouse is safety. This means adding a railing to surround observation areas. Other elements also can be added, such as a pirate flag and a door that will have a peep hole. You also have options to consider, such as the hinges for the door. The roof is also one important aspect of treehouse design that needs to be considered to properly finish the structure.

Young kids will be amazed by the structure itself, but may be more impressed with the inside. You will have many options to consider when decorating the inside of a pirate hideout treehouse. One thing that might be a necessity is a pirate chest for your kids to store their precious treasures. 

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DIY Pirate Hideout Treehouse

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