DIY Pet Steps

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Small dogs typically cannot jump very high and may not be able to get up on a bed or other furniture in a home. Older dogs also may not be able to reach a comfortable area that is too high. One option you have is to purchase a pet ladder at a local pet store. If the items you find seem too expensive, then another option is to build these DIY pet steps.

Building pet steps is similar to building a set of stairs, but on a smaller scale. You will not need to have stringers that are used in a standard set of stairs. All you need is bracing to secure the rises and runs for your pet steps. 

All the materials you need to build a set of pet steps can be found at any home improvement store. Any type of wood can be used for this project. This will include the use of medium density fiberboard or MDF based on the cost and your personal preference.

Assembling the pieces for your pet steps will require the use of wood glue and screws. This will mean you need to have a power drill to use once you are ready for assembly. If you do not have any screws, then you can find exactly what you need at any hardware store in your area.

One thing to realize about working with wood is it will need to be cut to the proper size. You will need to use a circular saw for this part of the project. If you do not have a saw to use to make a set of pet steps, then see if a friend or neighbor can cut the material.

Instructions to build your own pet steps are found on here…

DIY Pet Steps

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