DIY Pallet Wood Crates & Easy Image Transfer

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Did you know that you can transform wood pallet crates into a magnificent piece of art? It sounds very cool and, you’d be surprised at how incredibly easy it is to do. Wood pallets are often thrown away but they can be transformed into many beautiful products, with pallet wood crates as a favorite. If pallet wood crates are useful to you, then why not give your crates an upscale look with simple image transfer.

To make your pallet wood crates you will require pallet wood, nails or wood glue (depending on what you prefer), a wood saw (or any other tool you have to cut wood) and a hammer. Once you have these items you will only need to measure, cut, and hammer the pieces together. It is important however, to remember that you will need more pallet wood for the base because it is wider and will need to support the weight of whatever you choose to put in it. With this in mind, avoid using weak pallets for the bottom of the pallet box.

Using pallet wood to make crates is a great project but if you want to take it to the next level, you can use image transfer to add some creative images that will make your project unique. Using image transfer techniques to add images to your crates is as easy as making the crates in the first place. All you need for image transfer is wax papers (or you can use transparencies), an inkjet printer, and a dry piece of cloth. The image transfer process involves typing the words or sourcing the image you want to appear on the crate, then printing it on wax paper, and finally transferring it to the crates. Two important things to remember when doing this is that you should flip the images so that it will be readable when you transfer them to the crates. The second is that the wood should be moist during the image transfer.

For a tutorial on how to make the crates and transfer images visit here…

DIY Pallet Wood Crates & Easy Image Transfer

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