DIY Pallet Shed

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Do you have a supply of pallets that are just waiting for the right DIY project. If you have some pallets that are in good shape and some scrap wood, then you can build a custom pallet shed. The wood which is used to make pallets is lightweight and ideal for building a small shed on your property.








The pallets are used to create the frame of the shed. You will use other material for the roof and for the exterior walls. One thing to determine before starting this project is to finalize a design. There are a lot of details to consider like the width, height, and length of your pallet shed.

Building a pallet shed is an awesome way to make use of old pallets and pieces of scrap lumber. Once you have completed the construction, then the next thing for you to do is decide on an exterior color like red or blue.

The instructions to build your own pallet shed are on here…

DIY Pallet Shed

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