DIY Pallet Lift Top Coffee Table

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Many people like to work on DIY projects around their home. You may be someone who likes to work with wood to build something unique. Many types of woodworking projects can be done at home if you have an assortment of materials available. The best option is to recycle materials like some old pallets that you can reclaim from the trash. One thing you can make from old pallets is a lift top coffee table.

The basic premise of a lift top coffee table is the top of the table is adjustable. This means you are able to raise the top of the table do any crafting, or work that will need to be completed. You can make this type of table by first obtaining all the parts that are required. The most important part is the pallets used to make the lift top coffee table frame.

Shopping online will be the best place to research the various parts that are needed to make a lift top coffee table at home. There is also the design of the table to consider. You have the option to add casters if the table is to be movable. You will also need a few tools to complete the project. All the tools you will need can be found at any local home improvement store if you do not have them already. One important detail about making a basic lift top coffee table is the type of pallet. Pallets can be made from various types of wood. Look for pallets with no chemical treatments or pressure-treated wood.

Extra wood may be needed to build a lift top coffee table. One reason is the wood from pallets might not be strong enough when attaching casters and internal mechanism. This depends on the type of pallets you will be using.

The instructions to make a lift top coffee table are found on here…

DIY Pallet Lift Top Coffee Table

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