DIY Natural Spray Deodorant

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Photo By: Jenni Rain Cloud

There are so many things to watch out for when purchasing beauty products. With deodorants, it’s aluminum. The majority of commercial brand deodorants contain aluminum in them because it plugs the pores to prevent body odor. Unfortunately, aluminum is linked (with well-documented studies) to a variety of serious health concerns. Evidence ties conventional deodorants that contain aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer and other brain-related disorders.

We certainly can’t give up deodorant and go around all stinky. Well, we could but that would be miserable! A wonderful and healthy alternative to conventional deodorants is natural deodorant. You can buy many natural deodorants at the store these days, or you can make your own. We’re pleased to introduce a DIY natural deodorant developed by Jenni Rain Cloud. All ingredients are natural and work to effectively keep your pits odor-free.

DIY Natural Spray Deodorant

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