DIY Mosquito Killing Ovitrap

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Do you live in an area that is infested with mosquitoes? There are many ways that you can deal with an infestation of mosquitoes that do not involve the use of any chemical pesticides. One solution that can work in all types of areas is a mosquito killing ovitrap.

This device is similar to the way that a live trap works for catching wild animals like squirrels, but is different as it will kill newly hatched mosquitoes. A mosquito killing ovitrap is not difficult to make. You will need a few basic supplies to make as many traps as you need.

All you need to do is assemble your mosquito killing ovitrap and place it where you have an issue with mosquitoes. This is not a fast process as you may not see results for at least a week or more, but will be worth the wait. You can easily set more traps as needed.

Instructions to make your own mosquito killing ovitrap are on here…

DIY Mosquito Killing Ovitrap

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