DIY Mold Removing Spray

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Do you have a basement that is largely unused in the spring? You may find that excess moisture in a confined area can result in mildew and even mold. Treating mold can be done in many ways. A simple mold removing spray that is non-toxic will be perfect.

The key to a mold removing spray which is non-toxic is having an antibacterial product. The best item that will produce the results you need is vinegar you may have in your kitchen. Most people will treat mold by using a store bought product or make a toxic bleach and water solution.

You will also use a few essential oils in your mold removing spray. A basic spray bottle is needed to apply this spray if you find mold in your home. One thing to know about using this spray is the use of a little elbow grease will be necessary.

Instructions to make your own mold removing spray are on here…

DIY Mold Removing Spray

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