DIY Mason Jar Soil Test

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The soil conditions on your property will dictate the result that you achieve when planting a garden? If you have poor soil, then you will need to do a lot of extra work to see that you haveĀ a successful harvest. Your soil can easily be tested by performing a mason jar soil test.

A standard soil test is typically done to check for acidity and nutrient content. This information is good to know, but a mason jar soil test will tell you the composition of the soil. You may see that your soil is high in clay or sand and means fertilizer and other nutrients need to be added to your garden.

Performing a mason jar soil test is not difficult. The test itself takes a couple of hours as the soil will be mixed with water and needs time to settle. Reading the results of the test is really easy to do too.

Instructions to perform a mason jar soil test are on here…

DIY Mason Jar Soil Test

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