DIY Kennel Enclosure With Wire Closet Shelving And Cable Ties

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People who have pets might need to have a way to keep them in a confined area temporarily. Many may simply put pets in another room in their home. This often is the only option if dogs or cats are not to be outside. However, pets may also need to be separated from time to time. If you do not have a good area for pets, then building a custom kennel enclosure is a great idea.

A kennel enclosure for use indoors is similar to a room divider. However, the materials you need to use will be cheaper than purchasing a pre-built room divider or partition. You can use a few pieces of regular closet shelving units and a few other supplies to make your own kennel enclosure.

The best thing about a custom kennel enclosure is you can fold it up and put it in a closet or another room when it is not needed. You can also use this as a barrier to keep younger kids out of certain areas or rooms in your home. All you need to do is obtain the materials that are needed to complete the project.

You can easily find closet shelving units many retail stores or a home improvement store. Units are also available online based on the size you need and the cost. Another option to make the frame for a kennel enclosure is to use old shelving you may already have in a closet. However, a few basic supplies like hook and loop will be needed.

Zip ties and will be the best option to secure the pieces of shelving for your kennel enclosure. You may also discover a few changes can be made as you are assembling your unit. This is a DIY project and means you can make any modifications based on a need or preference.

Instructions to make your own kennel enclosure are found on here…

DIY Kennel Enclosure

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