DIY Basement Indoor Playground With Monkey Bars

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Building a playground set is a great idea for people who have a big enough backyard. However, people who live in an area with limited outdoor space may not have this option. If a basement is available in the home, then an indoor playground is a great option. This is a DIY project that you may do to save money on the cost of a pre-built playhouse.

You might want to build an indoor playground to give kids something to do during winter or on any day that is rainy. All you need to do is to obtain all the supplies that are needed for the project. These will need to be obtained at a local lumber yard or home improvement store. An indoor playground will be built using various pieces of wood and some metal bars based on your preference.

The design of your indoor playground will need to be based on the space that is available. You need to measure the area to get an idea of the size for the frame of your playground. The ceiling height may be another issue to take into account.

There will be many ways for you to trim out your indoor playground. This includes adding windows to the use of ladders and a set of stairs. However, safety also needs to be considered when designing and building the structure.

Instructions to build your own indoor playground are found on here…

DIY Indoor Playground

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