DIY Igloo Blocks

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Making a fort made of snow or a simple igloo is something that can be fun to do during winter. All you need is enough snow and an idea of the structure that you want to build. If you want to have an igloo to use as a shelter or a fort, then blocks of snow may be the best way to go. You can easily make your own igloo blocks by using a custom form.

You may be familiar with plastic shells that can be used to make igloo blocks. However, these are typically cheaply made and can be expensive when you purchase more than one. Another option is to make a set of custom igloo blocks as a DIY project. This can easily be done by using a bit of scrap wood.

A few pieces of lumber is all that you need to make your own igloo blocks. You also will need a few basic tools. The igloo blocks you make can be painted or stained based on your preference. A handle is an option if you want an easy way to hold the form when you are making your snow blocks. Expect to take 30 minutes or so to complete one form.

Instructions to build a form to make igloo blocks are found on here…

DIY Igloo Blocks

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