DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit

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We recently shared a post about Easy Home Made’s method to create different flavors of homemade vanilla extracts. By making vanilla extract using different kinds of alcohol, you can create an extract that’s perfect for making chocolate chip cookies, spicing up your pumpkin pie, sweetening your rice pudding, or richening your french toast and custards. As chef in your own kitchen, you have so many delicious options to add a little warmth and pizazz to recipes that call for vanilla extract.

Fortunately for us, we received a DIY Homemade Vanilla Kit from Easy Home Made.  They sell beautifully packaged kits to make your own vanilla extract. The kit comes with an artistically labeled EZ-cap bottle that is filled with five madagascar vanilla beans. There also is a paper scroll containing easy-to-follow recipe instructions. This kit makes it a breeze to create your own vanilla extract because everything you need (except the alcohol, of course) is provided and beautifully packaged.

Today we made our extract and it took us less than 10 minutes. We chose to make this batch of vanilla extract with 8 ounces of vodka to create a versatile, rich and creamy vanilla flavor. And now we wait for the next 4 weeks while the magic happens and the infusion takes place. We can hardly wait!

We are so impressed by Easy Home Made’s vanilla infused kits. These make gorgeous gifts for friends and family too, and they are offered at such a reasonable price. Head over to Easy Home Made to get your kit and get started making your own homemade madagascar vanilla extract.

Click Here For Easy Home Made’s DIY Homemade Vanilla Kit



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