DIY Homemade Armor All Wipes

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Many types of homemade cleaning solutions often can be made for various applications. However, there are different options that are available based on the application or item to clean. One such option which is ideal to clean vinyl and tires is to make your own homemade Armor All wipes.

You can use homemade Armor All wipes to clean various surfaces. The most common is to clean the surface of the dashboard in your vehicle, the center console, and other areas vinyl material is used. One way to use your homemade Armor All wipes is to put a shine on your tires.

There are various types of homemade Armor All wipes that can be made. One type is meant for protection and the other is for cleaning. However, the end result will leave a beautiful sheen on the surface. The main thing to realize is what type you may want to use.

The solution you are making for your homemade Armor All wipes uses ingredients that can be often found in many residential kitchens. You can use your wipes at anytime to put a shine on a vinyl surface.

You are essentially making a solution for a bulk quantity of homemade Armor All wipes. This means the best option is to use a plastic container that can be resealed. A milk jug is a good option or you may use any other type of tall plastic container. Paper towels will also be an important item. These are commonly found at a local grocery store or anywhere household supplies are sold.

The best option is to use a container that can be resealed as this will ensure your Armor All wipes do not dry out. You may need to cut the roll of paper towel into two sections if you do not use a plastic container that is tall enough.

The recipe to make your own DIY Armor All wipes is found on here…

DIY Homemade Armor All Wipes

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