DIY Herbal Hand Soap

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Eliminating the use of products that contain various chemicals can be difficult when a replacement will be needed. One example of this is soap that is used to for washing hands and bathing. You can make a variety of soap that is formed into bars, but a hand soap also is an option. If you want to make soap at home, you have numerous choices, and one fantastic option is to make your own herbal hand soap.

The most important thing to know about making herbal soap is using the right ingredients. You need to obtain a variety of essential oils as these are the main ingredients of herbal soaps. Many types are used based on the result you want to achieve. Another thing to keep in mind is essential oils will provide the aroma for your herbal hand soap.

A herbal hand soap will do more than just provide a pleasant aroma. The essential oils added to a hand soap also provide many health benefits. Essential oils can act as a disinfectant that will kill germs or to prevent various illnesses from occurring. One of the best benefits of making your own herbal soap is a concentrated moisturizer. This is achieved by adding vegetable glycerin to your herbal hand soap as you mix the ingredients.

All the ingredients will be mixed in a bowl. However, you will need a bottle that has a pump to use as the container for your soap. This can easily be purchased or you can reuse an old bottle of soap. This is an ideal way to reuse plastic bottles and to help the environment. The herbal hand soap you make is ideal for use in a bathroom or even in the kitchen. You may find that you need to make extra in case there is overuse that leads to an empty bottle.

The recipe to make a herbal hand soap can be found on here…

DIY Herbal Hand Soap

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