DIY Gutter Splashguard

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One reason why the gutters on a home overflow is due to the amount of water that flows down the roof where the roof valleys meet. Water is coming down from two places and the gutters in these areas will often cause overflows to occur. A splashguard may be the best solution, but they can be expensive and hard to find. You may find making your own gutter splashguard to be the best option.

The use of a gutter splashguard will be beneficial as cascading water over your gutters can cause issues with your home’s foundation. This means a simple fix will prevent water from flowing over the gutters of your home. When you evaluate what you will need for a project of this type, consider the type of gutters that are attached to your roof.

Since gutters are typically made from aluminum, vinyl, or plastic the material won’t be too hard to find. The main thing to keep in mind is that you will need to find a matching color for your gutter splashguard. These will be made using an aluminum downspout. The use of aluminum is important as this material is more durable than plastic or vinyl. You will also need basic tools to complete this project.

The best way to make a gutter splashguard is to use a scrap piece of downspout. You may need to buy a new section if a scrap piece is not available. One important detail to keep in mind is that screws are needed to secure the each splashguard to your gutters.

All the materials you need to make and secure a gutter splashguard to your gutters can be obtained at a home improvement store. Safety will be the most important aspect if you want to begin this project, primarily because a gutter splashguard will be sharp and can cause injury.

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DIY Gutter Splashguard

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