DIY Grill Based Home Coffee Roaster

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Would you like to start roasting your own coffee beans at home, but might not know where to begin? If you enjoy DIY projects, then you may be interested in making a home coffee roaster. This concept is really simple and only requires a couple of items to do at home.

You only need a roasting cylinder, a rotisserie unit, and an existing grill. One thing that will be crucial to do is figure out how to mount the rotisserie unit and roasting cylinder to your grill. Once this is done, then you are ready to test your new home coffee roaster to make sure everything works.

A great idea is to add a motor to the rotisserie unit if you do not want to manually turn the cylinder. This is not necessary, but would be kind of interesting to do. The only thing left to do is add beans and start using your home coffee roaster.

The instructions to make your own home coffee roaster are on here…

DIY Grill Based Home Coffee Roaster

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