DIY Greywater System For Water Recycling

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Recycling water is a great way to be environmentally-friendly and is essential in areas of drought. There are many ways that you can recycle the greywater in your home that flows down the drain. You might be surprised to learn the water from a bath or shower and even a sink can be collected and reused. The most important thing to know is you do not want to drink greywater. However, a greywater system can be built to supply water to flush a toilet or to use the water for some garden watering.

The concept of a greywater system is not unique. This is essentially a way to reuse water that would otherwise be discarded so you can both save precious water and money. The best place to set up this system is in the bathroom and kitchen as this is where the most water is used in the vast majority of homes. You can easily collect greywater manually, but a greywater system can be set up to collect water automatically. And in-place system will save you time and hassle and keep your home clutter free of greywater buckets for manual disposal.

All the parts to build a greywater system should be available at a home improvement store. You will need a combination of drain pipes and tubing to put this system together. One important detail is using a pump to move the greywater to a storage tank.

There are many alterations that you can make to a greywater system set up in your home. You have the option to set up a collection system only without the use of a pump. The setup you use depends on what will work best in your home.

The instructions to make a custom greywater system for your home are found on here…

DIY Greywater System For Water Recycling

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