DIY Grazing Boxes

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Property owners who are familiar with how a food plot works may be surprised to learn they can build localized plots of food for certain animals. These are grazing boxes that can be built to supply feed for chickens, goats, cows, and other animals on a homestead. All you need to do is determine where to put your boxes.

Grazing boxes are a great option if you have animals like chickens that are not free range. Centralizing feed is a great option to supply a variety of greens that chickens and other animals will be able to eat.

The size of your grazing boxes will depend on the area that is available. You also need to decide on the height of the boxes. The best option is to build a frame from 6 x 10 boards that can be found at a local home improvement store or any lumber yard. The number of boards you need will likely depend on the number of boxes you want to build.

Chicken wire or wire mesh will also be needed as this will protect all the seed from being eaten up by the chickens. This can also be found at any home improvement store. Instructions to build your own grazing boxes are found on here…

DIY Grazing Boxes

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