DIY Gelatin Hair Mask Recipe For Soft Hair

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Protein comes in all shapes and sizes. Some things bind better to some kinds of proteins, some kinds of proteins bind better to other things.  There are proteins that break down better than others, and there are proteins that actually “communicate” with the cells around it. Dang. Who knew?

Turns out that the protein in gelatin is a great match for your hair and nails.  Eating gelatin helps the health of your hair and nails. Using gelatin on your hair also helps, as your hair can actually absorb it. Your hair is technically dead, but that doesn’t mean it can’t absorb – and retain – the protein. That’s what makes this recipe so good for your hair.  With three ingredients and a little water you have a mask that will put that soft baby feel back into your hair.

Click Here For DIY Gelatin Hair Mask Recipe For Soft Hair

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