DIY Garden Container Enclosure

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Are you knee deep in the process of container gardening? The only downside to growing various plants in containers is they are not exactly pretty. Buckets are the most common container you can use for this activity. However, buckets can easily be hidden if you build a garden container enclosure.

A garden container enclosure can be made to look like a raised garden bed. The main difference is your containers will be placed inside the enclosure. Scrap wood can be used or maybe pallet wood to build a box to use as an enclosure. You can even make more than one to hide all your containers.

Your garden container enclosure will be big enough to fit six standard 5-gallon buckets. Measurements will be crucial as you need to cut your wood to the right size. Nails or screws may be used to attach the pieces of wood when assembling the enclosure.

Instructions to make your own garden container enclosure are on here…

DIY Garden Container Enclosure

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