DIY French Drain With Dry Well

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Standing water that occurs after a hard rain or when snow melts can lead to many problems. The water can easily flow to any low lying areas or can seep into a basement. If you have any standing water that is along the foundation of your home, then drainage may be an issue. One way to address this problem is to have a french drain installed.

A french drain is essentially a simple underground pipe that is designed to move water from one area of your property to another. The pipe is perforated to allow water to easily drain into the ground so there is not any water that pools at the surface. You can easily install a french drain if you have an issue with any water around your home or an outbuilding.

Proper preparation is needed if you want to install a french drain on your property. The drain will need to be installed where there are no obstructions. This can be next to your home or garage and even out in an area of your yard.

All the materials that are needed to install a french drain can easily be found at a local home improvement store. You will need a PVC pipe that has a six-inch diameter. A power drill will be needed as the pipe needs to have a series of holes to drain away water. Make a list of items you will need if you do not have any that are available.

Digging is also necessary as you need to place the french drain in the ground. The drain will be covered by stone to allow the water to easily flow into the drain. You may also install a drum or basin to collect excess water. If you do not want to dig the trench for your drain, then a machine may be used.

Instructions to install a french drain at your home are found on here…

DIY French Drain With Dry Well

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