DIY Fertile Soil | A Simple Fertilizer From The Greek Gods

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Running out of beer is never good, but beer that is skunked is even worse. Instead of throwing out beer that is no longer good to drink, use it to make a fertilizer to have fertile soil. The nutrients in beer will provide an awesome alternative to using commercial fertilizer.

A few simple ingredients are all that is needed to make a fertilizer to have fertile soil. If you are familiar with the way Miracle Grow is applied to your yard, then a fertilizer made using beer is similar. All you need is a spray bottle that has a hand pump.

Tilling your garden in the spring is the best time to apply a fertilizer to have fertile soil. The fertilizer is also a great way to provide a boost to a compost pile. You can even use this to treat bare soil is you are planning to plant some new grass.

A simple recipe for fertile soil – that’s attributed to the Greek God Pan – is available¬†at here…

DIY Greek God’s Fertile Soil Recipe

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