DIY Emergency Heater In A Can

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What do you do when an emergency strikesĀ and you need a way to keep warm? If you do not have any way to make a proper fire, then a perfect alternative is available. You can easily make a heater in a can to use when an emergency or disaster occurs.

Making a heater in a can is really easy to do. The most important thing you need for this task is a metal can. A paint can will be perfect to use as long as you make sure to clean it thoroughly first. Toilet paper will be the material being burned to create the heat.

The key to having a working heater in a can is to use isopropyl alcohol. This is an antiseptic you may have under the sink in your bathroom or kitchen. Make sure to use this type of fuel for your heater and not any other flammable liquid.

Instructions to make a simple heater in a can for an emergency are on here…

DIY Emergency Heater In A Can

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