DIY Custom Length Baby Gate

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There are many options available to keep toddlers confined to a specific area of a house. You can easily add a temporary wall or set up a baby gate. One problem with most store bought baby gates is they are really only good for standard doorways and will not be big enough for a lot of other areas where you may need to “corral” your child. A good alternative is to make a custom length baby gate.

A few basic materials are all that you will need to build a custom length baby gate. The only thing about this type of structure is determining the length that is needed. You can easily do this by using a tape measure or other measuring device.

Assembling a custom length baby gate requires using various tools. You may need a saw and power drill. A durable glue is also an option. The design of your baby gate may depend on various factors like where it will be located and the materials that are available.

Information about building a custom length baby gate is found on here…

DIY Custom Length Baby Gate

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