DIY Chicken Swing

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Many simple and fun projects can be done around your home for a function or purpose. People who have an assortment of chickens may want to make something unique they can use. One option you can consider is a homemade chicken swing. This is similar to a full-size swing, but on a smaller scale. Making a simple swing only requires a few materials.

A DIY chicken swing is similar to a rope swing for kids. You will need to attach rope to the wood that is used for the swing. The rope will need to be tied to the branch of a tree or other support. However, you need to be aware of a few important details to make a usable chicken swing.

You need to have suitable rope to support your chicken swing when it is set in place. This is vital to the way the swing will function and if it will support the weight of your chickens. You can easily find the rope to use for this project online or a home improvement store. The wood for your swing may be an old branch from a tree or a scrap piece of wood.

Attaching the pieces of your chicken swing will require the use of a power drill. The proper size bit for your drill is also important as it needs to be larger than the diameter of the rope for the swing. You may need to sand the wood to make sure there are no sharp areas.

A saw may also be needed if you need to cut the wood for your swing. Another detail about a basic chicken swing is the length of the rope. The rope needs to be the same length to ensure the swing is level. You will also need to determine where the swing will be located.

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DIY Chicken Swing

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