DIY Charcoal Powered Generator

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A small engine like those for a generator will use different types of fuel. This includes gasoline, natural gas, and propane. However, a small engine can also run on the gases from burning organic material such as charcoal. If you will be in an area without a supply of petroleum based fuel, then a charcoal powered generator is an ideal option. You have many options for setting up all the components for this project.

Freeing yourself from the use of petroleum and using a natural fuel is a great option when you require the use of a generator or small engine on your property. This is a project that you can do using a few pieces of scrap material you may have around your home. A charcoal powered generator will require you to obtain a used generator or a small engine if you want to run a test first.

A generator is simply a small engine that is used to create electricity. This means you have an option to supply electricity to cook food or power electronic devices when power to your home is lost. If you want a unique way to save money on fuel, then a charcoal powered generator is a great solution.

The only downside of a charcoal powered generator is a gasoline engine is still necessary. Gasoline is needed to start the generator to pull in the gases from the burning charcoal. A propane or natural gas generator will not be suitable to use for a charcoal powered generator.

Make sure you obtain all the parts that are needed for this project. Most of the parts to make a charcoal powered generator you may already have. If you are missing parts for this project, then a visit to a home improvement store may be necessary.

Instructions to make your own charcoal powered generator are found on here…

DIY Charcoal Powered Generator

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