DIY Cable Spool Duck House

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Used construction material can give you the means to make many DIY projects. One project that you may want to make is a duck house. This is something that is similar to a coop for chickens, but is meant to be a shelter for ducks. Wood cable spools can be used for this purpose. A cable spool duck house provides you a great option is you want to raise ducks on your property.

The spools to use to make a cable spool duck house may be free or inexpensive to purchase. You might find these if construction crews are working in your area or you may need to look online. Once you get a suitable spool, then you are ready to plan the project.

A few tools will be needed to build a cable spool duck house. You can find these at a hardware store or at a local home improvement store. One important detail about this project is you will need to have the various tools necessary to work with wood. This includes a suitable saw, power drill, and many others. Some of the tools may be too expensive to purchase. You may want to see if a family member or friend will help.

The best way to think about building a cable spool duck house is assembling a frame. Existing wood is used to assemble your frame. You will also need to add a door for easy access. These are things you may want to plan in advance before starting to build a cable spool duck house from scratch.

You have many options to consider when your cable spool duck house is complete. This includes paint that can be added and where you want the house to be located. A platform might also be necessary if the duck house is to be raised.

Instructions to build a cable spool duck house are on here…

DIY Cable Spool Duck House

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