DIY Braided Rug From Towels

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Old towels are the perfect material if you are interested in DIY projects for the home. A really awesome idea is to make a braided rug from towels.

If you have towels which are stained or simply not being used, then they will be perfect for this project if you want to make homemade accessories. A braided rug from towels is a great way to create your own area rugs on the cheap.

A sewing machine or some needle and thread will be needed to make a braided rug from towels. This is crucial as the thread is used to sew the braids of the area rug together. The only other thing that is important to know is thinking of a really awesome design for a new area rug.

Instructions to make custom braided rugs from towels are on here…

DIY Braided Rug From Towels

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