DIY Botanical Ice Luminaries

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The winter season is a great time to create decorations for the holidays. Decorations that are made from ice can be kept outside whenever the temperature is below freezing. One of the more interesting and artistic options is to create a lantern or another type of ice luminary. The best thing about these items is they only require a candle as a source of light.

Making ice luminaries is a great project to do with young children on a cold weekend. If you want to get started, then there are supplies and materials that will be needed. The most important quality to have in an ice luminary is to have something that will bring out the color. This can mean using colorful botanical treasures that are found around your area.

One thing to keep in mind is that some types of foliage will not be available during winter months. The use of fake flowers and some leaves may be an option if no real specimens are available. Your ice luminaries will essentially work as a frozen candle holder. The materials you will need for this project include any plastic bottles or containers, both large and small. You will be placing the smaller container inside a larger container for your ice luminaries.

Plastic is the best option to use when making any ice luminaries. Do not use glass as it may break when the container starts to freeze. If you are concerned about using candles with this project, then LED candles may be a better option. These run on batteries and will continue to work out in the cold.

The design of the ice luminaries you create is based on the shape of the containers being used. You can make luminaries that are tall, short, or any size you prefer. All you need to do is place the containers in your freezer until they are fully frozen.

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DIY Botanical Ice Luminaries

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