DIY Bathtub Aquaponic System

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Setting up a custom aquaponic system does not need to be a complicated effort. This is a project that can easily be done with a few basic materials and a little bit of time. The best thing about working on any DIY project is making any changes to get the result that is desired. You can make a simple bathtub aquaponic system at home and modify the design to meet your needs.

Getting all the materials to make a bathtub aquaponic system may be difficult. The one piece that may be a challenge to find is a suitable bathtub. However, you can simply substitute a large plastic container for a bathtub. The only thing you will need to do is prepare the container appropriately.

The tools you will need to put together a bathtub aquaponic system will depend on the materials used for the project. You may find that wood is a better option to build a frame than using metal piping. The reason is metal pipes can be difficult to find or will cost more than wood to build a bathtub aquaponic system at a home or business.

A custom bathtub aquaponic system is a great option to recycle water to grow various plants. You will need to find a way to recirculate the water that is being used. The best option is to have a circulation pump, but a regular bucket will work just as well.

The frame for your bathtub aquaponic system is vital to get right as it will need to support the bathtub or plastic container and all the dirt. There is also the weight of the water to consider. This means you need to ensure the frame is rigid and fully secure. You can then decide on the type of container you want to use for the collection pond.

Instructions to build a DIY bathtub aquaponic system are found on here…

DIY Bathtub Aquaponic System

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