DIY Bamboo Bicycle (That Lights Up!)

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There are many ways for people to apply creative ingenuity to everyday items. Building things that are made from recyclable or renewable materials can be fun and rewarding. One option is to build a working bicycle out of bamboo. The bamboo is essentially the frame of the bike that will require adding regular parts to get it working. This DIY bamboo bicycle also has lights added for illumination.

The most important aspect of building a DIY bamboo bicycle is getting the frame correct. You will use an existing bicycle frame to obtain the correct dimensions. This is necessary as you will want the bicycle to be working copy of a traditional bicycle. Another important detail to know is the use of any existing bicycle is necessary to obtain the parts that are needed to complete your DIY bamboo bicycle.

There are various types of materials that are needed to build a DIY bamboo bicycle. The bamboo is the most important as it will be needed to build the frame. Carbon fiber material is also needed. As you will see, you’ll have a variety of options for locating the materials you need. The Internet will be the best place to find most of the materials. However, you may already have a used bicycle or know someone who does.

A plan is needed before you start building your DIY bamboo bicycle. This includes deciding how to go about breaking down your existing bicycle and using the frame as a jig (a type of working pattern). You will need to measure each section of the bike frame to get the dimensions necessary to properly cut the pieces of bamboo.

Once the frame is complete, it’s just a matter of attaching all the necessary parts. This means putting back the wheels, chain, and pedals (etc.) on the frame so the finished product will function correctly.

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DIY Bamboo Bicycle (That Lights Up!)

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