DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

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Are you looking for a way to replace crappy tasting city water without having to buy gallons of bottled water? If you live in an area with high humidity, then you might already have what you need to make a simple atmospheric drinking water generator.

This is not something that simply collects rain water. There are other DIY projects that can be made for that. An atmospheric drinking water generator will require the use of a standard dehumidifier. The most important thing to have for this project is a suitable water filtration system.

A new dehumidifier may be needed as most regular units use metal that makes water unhealthy to have as drinking water. You need a unit that has stainless steel or other plumbing material. You can also find a filter system that can remove metals and other contaminants from atmospheric water. Research to see what is available to make an atmospheric drinking water generator.

Instructions to make your own atmospheric drinking water generator on here…

DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

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