DIY Animal Mineral Feeder

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Are you raising cattle or other animals that can be fed by using a feeding system? Many animals will need to have minerals and nutrients with their feed. A great way to make sure your animals are getting all of the nutrients they need is to use an animal mineral feeder.

You can easily make your own animal mineral feeder to use on your homestead. The process is not too hard and you only need a 50 gallon plastic barrel. You can buy one at a cheap price or find one for free if you are lucky. A metal barrel could also work.

An old tire will also be needed to make your own animal mineral feeder. The best thing is the feeder is super cheap to make compared to the hundreds of dollars it would cost to buy one. You can even make more than one depending on the number of animals you have.

Instructions to make your own animal mineral feeder are on here…

DIY Animal Mineral Feeder

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