DIY Advanced Tree Rat Defense System

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Do you have a problem with squirrels at your home? Some people often refer to squirrels as tree rats because they act just like rodents and can seem more like annoying pests. Most people who live in a city cannot kill squirrels and means a tree rat defense system is the best option.

A tree rat defense system is a great way to protect a backyard garden. You may also find this will be an ideal solution to keep birds and deer away from your fruits and vegetables. The design of your defense system is like a wire cage.

You will need a few pieces of wood and some metal screen to build a tree rat defense system. However, a beefier frame may be needed if you live in an area where heavy snow is common. This is a great idea if you like to do various DIY projects around the home.

Information about making a tree rat defense system is available on here…

DIY Advanced Tree Rat Defense System

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