DIY Adirondack Fire Table Bowl

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A fire pit is a great option to have outside for heat or decoration. However, you may want to have a fire pit set up on a deck with a few additional features. One option is to make an adirondack fire table bowl to use as a surround for a standalone fire pit. If this sounds like something you might want to do, then make sure to obtain all the materials that are necessary.

A custom fire bowl that is made by a professional will be extremely expensive. If you have a fire pit or an old fire bowl, then you can refurbish it and use it to make an adirondack fire table bowl. The goal of this project is to build a piece of furniture that has a dual purpose. An adirondack fire table bowl can easily be used as a table for drinks or as a safety frame for your fire pit.

The materials to use to make an adirondack fire table bowl can come from various sources. You have a choice of using scrap materials, reclaimed wood, or new lumber. If new lumber is needed, then the best option is to go to a home improvement store or a local lumber yard. The table you can build by using a variety of wood should match basic adirondack chairs.

Your adirondack fire table bowl will require various tools. A saw and power drill are two tools that you will need to complete this project. Assembling the parts for your table will be done using screws. This piece of outdoor furniture is a great conversation starter that can be used if you need a place for a drink or to rest your feet. You should not make a large fire as your adirondack fire table bowl could burn if any hot sparks make contact with the wood.

Instructions to make an adirondack fire table bowl are found on here…

DIY Adirondack Fire Table Bowl

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