DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Fish Trap

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Do you have a pond on your property used for fishing? Fishing with a pole can be lots of fun if you like to catch fresh fish to have for food. If you prefer an option that is less work, then you can make a 5 gallon bucket fish trap for your personal use.

Making a 5 gallon bucket fish trap is really easy and does not require a lot of supplies. You just need to find a suitable bucket, wire mesh or hardware cloth, zip ties, and some wire cutters. Once you have the trap completed, then it is ready to use.

A 5 gallon bucket fish trap is a great item to have when you do not have time to fish. Simply place one or more traps in a pond or small lake where you fish. You will need to use some sort of bait in the trap to attract fish the fish though.

Instructions to make your own 5 gallon bucket fish trap are on here…

DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Fish Trap

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