DIY 2G/3G/4G Cell Phone Signal Booster

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Do you find yourself in areas when the signal for a cell phone is often less than ideal? If you do not want to change carriers to get a better signal, then another solution is needed. One option that you may want to try is to make your own cell phone signal booster

Making a cell phone signal booster is a great idea for anyone who lives in a rural area. This will mean you can easily obtain a decent signal for basic service or to access the Internet. You can easily go from just one bar or maybe two to having a full signal available.

You can construct a simple cell phone signal booster from a few household items. The one thing that is crucial to have is a metal coat hanger. However, any small iron wire will also work. Make sure to have the antenna in the best location outside your home for the strongest signal.

Instructions to make your own cell phone signal booster are on here…

DIY 2G/3G/4G Cell Phone Signal Booster

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