Deer Feeder DIY

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Hunters and nature lovers may like to see deer around their property. One option is to offer food from a deer feeder that will entice them to stick around. You can find many feeders to set up at your home at a hunting shop, sporting goods store, or online. However, these often canĀ be expensive. AnĀ alternative is to make one yourself.

The basic idea behind a homemade deer feeder is dispersing food. The most common food that you are likely to use with most types of feeders is corn. This is due to the mechanism that is used to spray food over a small area on the ground. One thing you may want to think about is where to set up your feeder.

You have the option to set up a deer feeder on a stand or in a tree. The option to use may depend on the area for your property. If trees are present, then hanging it in the air is a good idea. If you do not have a suitable tree on your property for a homemade deer feeder, then a stand is the best solution.

Gravity is a crucial component for a homemade deer feeder. The reason is the hopper or container used for the food needs to easily drain as the feeder mechanism sprays a specified amount of food. You need a five-gallon bucket to use with the corn for your feeder.

Make sure you have a lid that fits the bucket for your deer feeder. You do not want other animals to get into the food. This is the reason keeping the feeder up in the air is important. If you want to use a stand for your feeder, then a frame can be made from wood or other material.

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