Crockpot Baked Apple Recipe

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Do you want a great way to make a delicious dessert to have with a meal or as a snack? If you have a lot of extra apples, then you have a lot of options. You can easily bake an apple pie, but something that might be better is a crockpot baked apple.

A standard crockpot is all you need for a simple crockpot baked apple recipe. The best thing is you can do this as a way to free up your oven if you want to cook or bake something else. All you need to do is choose and prepare the apples you want to use.

The only liquid you will need for a crockpot baked apple is a bit of apple juice. You will see the apples will be really soft and ready to eat once they have cooled. They can even be served with ice cream and even homemade whipped cream.

Instructions to make a crockpot baked apple at home are on here…

Crockpot Baked Apple Recipe

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