Convert Your Gas Generator Into a Multi-Fuel Generator

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The ice that results from the cold of winter to the wind during a severe storm can easily knock out your home’s power. Most homes will not have any way to power a furnace or other electronics after the loss of power. One way to counter this problem is to use a generator. However, these units typically use gas that may not be available. The answer is to use a multi-fuel generator.

A standard gasoline generator can be converted into a unit that can use alternative fuels. This is crucial as gas stations cannot supply gas if there is no power in a particular area. You may have propane that is used for an outside grill or even natural gas used to power your furnace. These are both fuels for use if you have a multi-fuel generator.

You will need to obtain a few important parts to convert a standard unit to a multi-fuel generator. Most of the parts can be found online or at an auto parts supply store. You might also need to research options to see where suitable parts can be obtained. There are also many safety issues to consider for your multi-fuel generator.

A fully functional multi-fuel generator can be used with both propane or natural gas. This means using an existing fuel source will be possible. You will be able to power up a generator to provide power in the event your home does not have electricity.

There are many things that need to be known when converting a standard generator into to a multi-fuel generator. This includes various fittings, hoses, and other necessary parts. One thing to keep in mind is this is not a standby unit and it will need to be manually operated anytime it needs to be used.

All the steps to make your own multi-fuel generator can be found on here…

Convert Your Gas Generator Into a Multi-Fuel Generator

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